Pumptrack Gerlos

A pump track is being added to the MTB practice trail at Abenteuerland in Gerlos this summer and is located right next to the forest playground.

Pump tracks are a playground for any age and skill level. The circuit with waves, curves and jumps is actively ridden with sweeping up and down movements – called pumping. The aim is to increase and maintain speed without pedalling.

As an addition to the MRB practice trail, the pump track is ideal for developing a feel for the bike in waves and curves and for learning the right riding technique for the big trails, such as the Isskogel trail in Gerlos or the Wiesenalm trail in Gerlos or the Wiesenalm trail in Zell. Accelerating with each wave without pedalling is of course a lot of fun at the same time!

The pump track in Gerlos was designed as a two-part track. The elliptical part is suitable for the youngest riders in terms of radius and dynamics and can be ridden in both directions. This easier part is connected to the main track. As an endless loop with the option of changing direction, the track is characterised by higher dynamics and dimension. The easier elliptical part is used to change from clockwise to anti-clockwise direction.

A dirt bike, mountain bike or even road bikes and BMX bikes are ideal for riding the pump track. Heavily suspended downhill bikes and heavy e-bikes are less suitable.

Please note: Use at your own risk. Parents are liable for their children.