Guided bike tours

The professional guides in the selected and certified “Mountain Bike Holidays” hotels, regions and biking centres are experts in their field. They’re “on tour” with their guests every day and know that there’s not one route to suit everyone’s wishes. Guests’ needs and expectations of the perfect holiday are just as diverse as the people themselves.

Top-performance athletes, visitors seeking easy-going relaxation and free riders who enjoy a spot of road racing – they all come together in the “Mountain Bike Holidays“ hotels. And, of course, they all have different personal preferences and aspirations. And, not to be forgotten, the female biking community which is growing fast and the needs of which are also catered to.

Mountain bike guides
The mountain bike guides Marietta and Bobby take you to some of the most scenically picturesque spots and they also know the most idyllic, rustic mountain huts.