Guided Bike Tours

The experts of the selected and approved hotels, regions and bike-centres “Mountain Bike Holidays” have recognized what the point is. Every day they are on tour with their guests and know that there is no recipe for the one offer for everybody. People are as different as their demands and perceptions of the dream vacation.

Trained athletes as well as recreational oriented guest - Free-riders who also like the racing cycle. All those people meet each other in the hotels of “Mountain Bike Holidays”. Each and everybody has different perceptions and individual experiences. Also to keep in mind the ladies on bike, who are always getting more.

The bike-pro in Gerlos is the “Mountain Bike Holidays” member:


Mountain bike guides

Our experienced mountain bike guides lead you to the most beautiful places of Gerlos in the Zillertal Arena and give useful tips for your own mountain bike tours. Moreover they know the cosiest mountain huts and have some insider’s tips for sure.