Source-water trail to Salzach-Valley

The start is at the entrance gate of the Salzach valley and from there the source trail leads to the Salzachtal.
The theme WATER is brought closer to the hiker! Passing the Salzachhütte to the Salzachalm, the circular route to the Mottland-Grundalm and the again to the Salzachhütte. Continue down the valley to the entrance to the Salzach Valley.

Free parking is available at the entrance to the Salzach Valley!     

Distance: 11.1 km     

Route No. 718, Route No. 63     

Start of tour: Entrance Salzach Valley    

Walking time: about 3:30 h

lowest point: 1.451 m

highest point: 1.800 m     

Ascent: 349 m