Arena Kid's Club with Billy

You can enjoy your day in the ski area, knowing that the children are well looked after in the “Arena Kid’s Club with Billy”.

Kids at the age from 1 year are in best hands and our trained staff as well as the mascot “Billy” ensure that the little ones will have a great time. The kindergarten is located at the top station of the “Isskogelbahn”. The ascent to bring or collect the kids is free of charge for one attendant (without ski-equipment) with a valid kindergarten-ticket. Tickets are available at the cash desk of the valley station “Isskogel” or at the office of Michi’s ski school.


Opening Hours:

Sunday - Friday: 9.00 am - 3.30 pm
Closed on Saturdays 


Childcare (not over lunch hour)

Childcare (also over lunch hour)

1 hour

€ 16,00


1/2 day  

€ 32,00

€ 39,00

1 day

€ 45,00

€ 52,00

2 days

€ 82,00

€ 96,00

3 days

€ 115,00

€ 136,00

4 days

€ 140,00

€ 168,00

5 days

€ 165,00

€ 200,00

6 days

€ 185,00

€ 227,00

Further information and booking:

Alpin - Michi’s Schischule

Tel. 0043/(0)5284/5630 or 0043/(0)664/1826755

Fax: 0043/(0)5284/5630-89

Please note that, parents should provide a sufficient number of diapers and wipes as well as your child’s special cuddly toy, comfortable clothing and a change of clothing. There is also the possibility of a combination of skiing lessons and childcare, which means that the children (from 2 years) take part at the lessons in the morning and at the childcare programs in the afternoon.