Summer Program

Dear guests, various programmes are waiting for you and we hope that just the right one is here for you. Find out about the guided hiking tours, Run & Walk, guided bike tours as well as adventurous offers. 


In our regional forests, all kinds of treasures can be found! Mother Nature gifts us a variety of fungi and berries, such as mushrooms, “Grantn” or “Moosbee”. Hiking guide Lois knows her way around  the forest extremely well and will tell us a few interesting things while on the search for culinary treasures.

Registration: Monday 11:30 am – Wald/Königsleiten Tourist Office 
Meeting place: 3:00 pm - Wald Tourist Office, a car is necessary to reach the starting point.
Cost: Guided tour free with guest card
Minimum number of participants: 4 people (max. 20 people)
Level of difficulty: easy
Dates available: 12/07 - 06/09 2021


(05. July – 30. August 2021)
Good films, a great atmosphere and cinematic highlights are waiting for you at the FallKinoKrimml at the “Musikpavillon“.
Start: 9:00 pm
Cost: Free




A traditional regional dish awaits us: “Pinzgauer Kaspressknödel”- Cheese Dumplings. The hike leads us past six alpine meadows - starting at the Berger meadow in the Nadernach valley. In summer the milk from the cows here is especially tasty and nutritious because of the meadow’s many herbs. The Hieburg meadow has a story or two to tell about history: we will make a short tour to view this historical meadow. We will fill our drinking bottles with some crystal clear water from the many mountain streams. Then on we will go to the Bacher meadow where the farmer’s wife is already waiting for us with her home-made “Kasspressknödel” made of Pinzgauer meadow cheese and some home-made liquor. Thus fortified, we then proceed towards the end of the valley.

Booking: Monday 5:00 pm – Wald/Königsleiten Tourist Office
Meeting point: 10:00 am Tourist Office Wald, 10:30 am Verkehrsverein Königsleiten or 10:40 am Ronach.
Cost: € 5,00 transfer - Guided tour, cheese dumplings and drinking bottle free with guest card, drinks must be paid for individually
Level of difficulty: Easy, Walking time: approx. 4 hrs. - Number of participants: 4 - 15 persons
2021 dates: 29.06., 13.07., 27.07., 10.08., 24.08., 07.09., 21.09., 05.10.


Today we will pamper our palates with regional delicacies. We start at the Bräuernalm and hike around the reservoir to the Bärschlagalm. There we taste bacon and cheese from our own farm. Strengthened we march further to the inn Finkau, (stop possible) and who still has desire hikes with Lois further to the natural monument Leitenkammerklamm.

Booking: Monday 5:00 pm – Wald/Königsleiten Tourist Office
Meeting point: 10:00 am Tourist Office Wald, 10:30 am Verkehrsverein Königsleiten or 10:40 am Bräueralm/Stausee.
Return: approx. 4:30 pm 
Cost: € 5,00 transfer, Guided tour and snack free with guest card, Drinks must be paid for individually 
Level of difficulty: easy
Number of participants: 4 - 15 persons
2021 dates: 22.06., 06.07., 20.07., 03.08., 17.08., 31.08., 14.09., 28.09., 12.10.


(13. July – 07. September 2021)
After a short technique training, we start our e-bike tour in the direction of the Gernkogel to the Wurfalm at 1,652 m above sea level. We ride along the old Gerlos road following the Güterweg Sonnberg to the Ederbauern, here we branch off onto the Almweg that leads us to the Wurfalm. Once there, we refresh ourselves with cool drinks from the fountain (please take a small snack with you).

Registration: until Monday 11:30 am Tourist Office Wald/Königsleiten
Meeting: 11:30 am - Sports & more Unterwurzacher/Wald i. Pzg
Return: approx. 15:00 o'clock
Costs: € 10,00 per person without e-bike (you can rent it at Sports & more Unterwurzacher or bring your own e-bike)
Participants: min. 4/max. 10 persons 14 years and older 
Helmet compulsory for all participants!


precious herbs for the lungs
Let our phytotherapist transport you on an exciting journey into the kingdom of medicinal healing plants for allergies, asthma and lungs!
Registration: by Monday 12 noon - Krimml Tourist Office, phone +43 6564/7239
Meeting place: 5:00 pm - Krimmler Denkwerkstatt
Duration: 1 hour, dogs are not allowed
Costs: free with Wald/Königsleiten Guest Card
Timeframe: 25.05. - 21.09.2021



An enjoyable hike, including a yodelling course, creates long lasting vacation memories! After the gondola ascent, there is a short voice warm-up training and then off to the individual yodel-stations, with a stop- in at the Larmachalm.

Registration: by Tuesday 5:00 pm - Wald/Königsleiten Tourist Office
Meeting place: 11:00 am - Königsleiten Dorfbahn-valley station, return approx. 3:30 pm, between 10.07. to 12.09. you can go by the free hiking-bus to the meeting point. Information and time table you get at the tourist office!
Costs: trip free with Guest Card, transport: Mountain Cableway Tariff, with Guest Card: Adults: € 11,00
Children: € 5,50
Level of demand: easy

Timeframe 2021: 30.06./14.07./28.07./11.08./25.08./08.09./15.09.


The Salzach is the principle river of our state. Today, we will be hiking the 2.469m high Salzachgeier, from where we will be able to see the sources of the Salzach. We start from the entrance Salzachtal to the Salzachhütte (mountain hut), and from there we will reach our destination for today - the Salzachgeier. On the way back we will stop off for a bite to eat and some refreshment at the Salzachhütte. Now it’s still a 1 hour return journey down the valley.

Registration: by Tuesday 5:00 pm Wald/Königsleiten Tourist Office
Meeting place: 9:10 am Dorfbahn Königsleiten, between 10.07. to 12.09. you can go by the free hiking-bus to the meeting point. Information and time table you get at the tourist office!
Return: approx. 4:50 pm
Walking time: approx. 6 h
Level of demand: middle
Costs: Guided tour with Wald/Königsleiten Guest Card incl.
Dates 2021: 23.06./07.07./21.07./04.08./18.08./01.09./22.09./29.09./06.10.

A large product range awaits you, it doesn´t matter if it´s for pleasure or agriculture, presents for home, Krimml bottled water or simple things for everday live. A cosy market-cafe invites you to com in and for our young guests; there is a not so everday recreation programme. You can look forward to leisure hours in a very special atmosphere.
Meeting place: starting at 10:00 am - pavilion area, children´s program at 10:00 am

Timeframe: 07.07. – 08.09.2021



The Gernkogel (2,267m) is known as one of the most flower-filled mountains of Austria! We will encounter an amazing variety of herbs and flowers on our hike to the peak- your tour guide can tell you all sorts of things about these natural treasures - and then they will end up in our herb basket. An incomparable alpine panorama awaits us at the peak, offering a view of the Hohen Tauern mountain landscape. We will take a hearty snack along with us to fortify us! There’s a free mountain herb salt to take home as a reward. A lovely mountain hike for all mountain lovers!

Registration: by Wednesday 5:00 pm  Wald/Königsleiten Tourist Office
Meeting place: 9:00 am Verkehrsverein Königsleiten or 9:30 am Tourist Office Wald
Contribution towards costs: € 5,00 transfer, free with guest card 
Level of demand: middle
Dates 2021: 24.06., 08.07., 22.07., 05.08., 19.08., 02.09., 16.09., 30.09., 14.10;


We start in Königsleiten our hike to Gerlosplatte. Upon arriving the Gletscherblick alm (“glacier view”) we will be well-informed about the secrets of cheese production. Experienced hikers have the possibility to climb up to Plattenkogel situated at 2,040 meters.

Registration: by Wednesday 5:00 pm Wald/Königsleiten Tourist Office
Meeting point: 9:00 am Tourist Office Wald, 9:30 am Verkehrsverein Königsleiten or 9:45 am parking place Filzstein

Return approx 5:00 pm
Contribution towards costs: € 5,00 transfer 
Level of demand: easy
Dates 2021: 09.07., 23.07., 06.08., 20.08., 03.09., 17.09., 01.10, 15.10


This tour leads us up to the 2.367m high Richterhütte. We are transported to the Krimmler Tauernhaus by valley taxi. The trail leads uphill passed Rainbachfall and on through the valley of the same name to the Richterhütte. On arrival, we can enjoy the magnificent mountain world view of the Hohe Tauern range and the Reichenspitze mountain group.

Registration: by Thursday 5:00 pm - Wald/Königsleiten Tourist Office
Meeting point: 8:30 am - Krimml Tourist Office
Walking time: approx. 5,5 h
Return: approx. 4:30 pm Krimml Tourist Office
Costs: guided tour free with Wald/Königsleiten Guest Card, valley taxi there and back 18.00 p.p.
Level of demand: middle
Dates 2021: 25.06., 02.07., 16.07., 30.07., 13.08., 27.08., 10.09., 24.09., 01.10


The Königsleiten Dorfbahn takes us up to the summit station. Following a short 20 minute journey, we will reach our first peak, the Königsleitenspitze (2.244 m). From there, we continue over the Sattelscharte to the Speicherteich (lake) and on to the 2.254 m high Müllachgeier. From this point on, it’s downhill into the Salzachtal, following the Quellenweg to the Salzachhütte, where we will stop off for a bite to eat. Feeling reinvigorated, we continue hiking for about 1 hour more back to the starting point – the Valley Station of the Dorfbahn in Königsleiten.

Registration: by Thursday 5:00 pm – Wald/Königsleiten Tourist Office
Meeting place: 9:10 am - Valley station of the Dorfbahn Königsleiten, between 10.07. to 12.09. you can go by the free hiking-bus to the meeting point. Information and time table you get at the tourist office!
Return: approx. 4:30 pm in Königsleiten
Costs: Guided tour free with Wald/Königsleiten Guest Card, tariff mountain railway (mountain trip) with Guest Card: Adults 11.00 p.p., Children 5.50 p.p.
Walking time: approx. 5 h
Level of demand: middle
Dates 2021: 09.07., 23.07., 06.08., 20.08., 03.09., 17.09.,


CONCERT by the „Trachtenmusikkapelle Wald” & farmers market

25. June – 03. September 2021
The Trachtenmusikkapelle Wald invites you to a traditional concert in the square and the farmers of Wald sell their typical products at the market
Meeting place: 7:30 pm - Pavilion grounds Wald
Kids programme next to the concert!