Levels of difficulty

Family-friendly bike tours with only a few inclines and no continuous ascents. The routes are quiet and special attention is drawn to dangerous points.

RED ROUTE: medium
Requires athletic cycling ability, mountain bike equipment is recommended. Complex, winding sections, occasional gradients of up to 17%. Watch out for motor vehicles, which can fill the entire width of the roadway, as well as for obstacles such as barriers and grooves. Some sections may also be blocked, e.g. for forestry work.

BLACK ROUTE: difficult
Demanding mountain bike route with numerous hazards. The maximum incline of the red route is exceeded and the route profile is even more difficult. Mountain bike equipment is mandatory, anticipatory cycling adapted to the situation is required.

Ruels of conduct

  • Always ride with controlled speed and anticipation!
  • Be considerate of hikers and pedestrians!
  • Take the degree of difficulty of the route into consideration and do not overestimate your ability!
  • Protect your head with a helmet and check the equipment before starting each bike tour (brakes, bell, light)!
  • Respect closures and accept that this track is primarily there for agricultural and forestry purposes!
  • Close all gates!
  • Be considerate of nature and game, and do not leave the signed routes.
  • Do not litter!